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Here is a BIG shout out to I-sight optical and in particular to Mr. Richard Woodhouse.

I have been using I-sight for about 10 yrs. For my optical exams but never buying a pair of glasses from them. I always felt that I could get a better price at one of the big box stores and I had my last set of lens crafted by one of these lens in an hour stores. Big...BIG mistake! I had nothing but problems. Constant headaches and I scratched the lens after about 60 days.

They would not do a thing for me...other than adjust them...which did not work.

So when it came time for new glasses I decided to find the best pair of glasses regardless of the price. (within in reason)

Richard Woodhouse came to my rescue. I showed him my glasses, which provided me with a constant headache, and Richard pointed out a couple of issues as to why the glasses were not working for me from a fit standpoint.

He then checked them on one of his machines. Lo and behold, even though the prescription was correct, the lens were not cut correctly. The focal point was out, so regardless of how much adjusting was done these glasses would never work.

Richard then assisted me with a pair of glasses that would fit correctly and hold a set.

Yes they were more expensive than the box store BUT it is about VALUE based upon performance and suitability.

After a month I had a scratch in one lens. I dropped in to I-Sight and within moments new lens were ordered no questions asked.

Your sight is to important to cheap out on and I-sight is the best place to see what you need to see!

Thank you Richard, my headaches disappeared instantly!

Stacy Hill


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